HFT International has been in Hortifloral business for nearly 20 years. We are specialized in import and export of floral and horticultural products internationally, and growing locally. We currently own or partner with Christmas tree farms, nurseries and warehouse packing facilities in Oregon, Washington USA and Wuxi, Qingdao, Shenyang, China.
We will provide the following services for your needs:
1. Supplying US grown premium fresh cut Christmas tree products.
2. Supplying nursery/farm bare rooted trees in forms of matured trees, large, medium and small liners, seedlings and seeds, as well as potted flowing plants.
3. Consolidating your orders from different creditable growers to efficiently export shipments.
4. Facilitate your interest and locate your desired plants/seedlings to grow or export to you.

灏 宇国际花卉苗木有限公司在园林花卉行业经营约有20年。本公司是园林花卉产业里专业的国际市场进出口和生产公司。公司旗下拥有全股和部分合股的生产基地 包括:在俄罗冈州, 华盛顿州的圣诞树林场, 以枫树/槭树为主的基地, 以特殊树种(矮树类)为主的苗圃, 包装出口仓库, 以及中国无锡, 青岛以及沈阳的苗圃展示基地。


   4、为贵公司寻找你们感兴趣的苗木产品, 在本公司基地做养护处理并出口。