Please read our FAQ before sending us a message.

No. All Christmas trees are commercially grown just like corns and rice for sale. We grow thousands of acres of Christmas trees each year for cuts using sustainable practices and advanced agriculture technologies.

Yes, we can load up to 35ft tall trees into a 40ft ocean container with special loading equipment.

All fresh cut flowers are to be on board with aircargo service via commercial airlines. They were treated to preserve the quality for a long period time transit time.

The western greens (cut foliages) grown locally wild in Pacific Northwest can only be cut during a control period time before and after the plants’ growth under special licenses.

Please place order with one and a half week of advanced notice. Short notice can be filled only with readily available inventories.

No, sorry we can not accept international credit card yet. International T/T will be most desirable. We do have paypal setup at our Chinese website to accept funds

Sorry, we do not offer terms for Christmas trees purchases.

Normally, most of the growers follow the color code for sizes such as: blue 4/5ft, Red 5/6ft, yellow 6/7ft, green 7/8ft, white 8/9ft, brown 9/10ft.